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Fear Factor is delicious!! To anyone who has ever seen the TV… - maxim_rulez [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 16th, 2005|06:26 pm]
[mood |bouncyHYPED]
[music |J-RULE!!]

Fear Factor is delicious!!

To anyone who has ever seen the TV show FEAR FACTOR will already know what i'm talking about when i say it is the most awesome-ist show EVER living!!! for those of you who have not seen, well let me explain ok.

Chicks vomiting--awesome!!

First of all, its all about nasty food concoctuations such as slug shakes and bat blood cake. anyone with a brain knows that gross shit RAWKS! the next best thing about the gross shit, though, is the fact that they feed this shit to real peeps! contestants go on the show and are willing to do almost anything to win the $50 million dollar cash prize. so we get to see these totally crazy peeps wacking out as they force down there throats snail shells and racoon poop. its prob the most sweetest thing ive ever seen on TV, ok.

The second best thing about this show can EASILY be sumed up in 3 simple sylibles: TOTALY HOT BABES!!! need i say more? to bad, cuz i'm gonna anyway. u gotta see these babes to beleve it. they got large, either 100% naturally fat, i mean, breats on there chests, or they got 100% cyllicone balls stuck in them. its SWEET!

HOT BABES chowing down

let me tell u what they do with these totaly hot babes. THey strip off their clothes 2 reveal there totaly hot vixen bods (i learned that word in MAXIM) and then dunk them into the WET STUNTS! its strategic and super perfect. the babes have no idea the cameras r watching as they strip off there clothes and change into their bikinis!! they r then told to jump into water and pretend to do some really tiring stuff like grab at flags and shit.

there is sumwhat of a downside to this aspect, though. sometimes totaly gay fags get into the competition. HOWEVER, NBC and FEAR FACTOR no just what to do in situations like this. as soon as the dude strips off his shirt and pants to reveal some totaly chiseled muscles (NASTY AND GAY!), the producer runs up to him and covers him up with a large coat and jacket, then a warm blanket.

gay dudes are nasty!!

this way we dont have to see the fag's sixpack and pecs. Thats just AWESOME if U ask a totaly straight dude like me. For some unkown reason, I get questionably uncomfortable when i see muscular, sexualy-appealing men on TV, thus i would rather just NOT have to see it. LOL!

the next best part about the show is that the totaly hot babes r forced to do all sorts of other shit that makes me just go cookcoo for coco puffs, such as let leaches such on their cellulite, vomit chinchilla turds out of their mouths, and jiggle their fake and/or real breasts for the camera to close-in on.

leaches sucking a HOT BABE

The last best part of the show, however, is the host, JOE ROGAN! he is awsome cuz he used to host the man show and a show caled jimi kimmel LIVE, but now he hosts this show, and let me tell u, he is just one of us guys!! he farts in the face of all the ladies (totaly straight and totaly awsome mating scent), and he even stares at their boobs while he is interviewing them ON CAMERA! he is also reely rude to the faggy guys on the show, and gets really angry when a dude tries to show off his body (he is usualy the one to cover them up with coats and/or blankets). JOE ROGAN is just like one of my friends (if i had any), and he realy knows how to host a show with hundreds of totaly hot bikini babes.

Joe Rogan RAWKS!!

personaly, i think FEAR FACTOR is probably the best TV show on TV in the history of game shows and i would recomend any of u totaly badass pirate dudes with fecal matter hanging from your butthole hair to watch it, cuz NBC knows ur watching!!

[User Picture]From: nycliveson
2005-04-18 07:35 pm (UTC)
Please take me off your friends list.
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[User Picture]From: maxim_rulez
2005-04-18 07:40 pm (UTC)
well, i'll admit, ur not the type of totaly hot babe i usualy let on my friends list, i do think u r anti-homo just like i am, which makes u super sweet.

i think ur stayin
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[User Picture]From: nycliveson
2005-04-18 07:49 pm (UTC)
Just do me the favor and take me off your friends list. I don't want to be on it. I don't know why you even added me in the first place when you don't even know me.
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[User Picture]From: maxim_rulez
2005-04-19 03:27 am (UTC)
well, u gots "straight guys" listed as an interest, and I'M a totaly straight dude. so much so that i'll even fart while i have sex with u.
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From: sweet_tiffany82
2005-04-23 03:50 am (UTC)
u always post stuff about gay guys

i think ur gay urself LOL
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[User Picture]From: maxim_rulez
2005-04-23 06:31 am (UTC)


but i gotta talk about them to remind peeps that i'm NOT gay !!
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